Julie Bates MacGillis Consulting

"Who will you be while you do what you do?" 

—Andrea (Andy) Gilats, Ph.D. Artist, Writer, Educator


Julie Bates MacGillis helps organizations, companies, and foundations to deepen equity, inclusion, and organizational values in their work and practice. It's not just what we do, but how we do it that matters. 



Julie Bates MacGillis is a biracial consultant respected for her design and facilitation of powerful programs and initiatives that advance equity and inclusion through values-based design. An innovative thinker dedicated to impact and sustainability, Julie works with organizations, companies, and foundations to implement and embed equity, inclusion, access, and organizational values throughout their work and practice with depth and integrity. 

Community Voices

If you are serious about advancing equity and inclusion in your group, I couldn’t recommend a better consultant than Julie Bates MacGillis. Her knowledge, integrity and experience all work together to make her top-notch.
— Carolyn Holbrook, writer, activist
Julie is committed to growing and nurturing the voices of those who are marginalized. She is thoughtful and collaborative, and demonstrates connection and relationship building in the community. As a Native woman, I respect and trust her vision and her work. Han mitakiyapi.
— Lonna Hunter, Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota, Tlingit
Julie has a wonderful balance between maintaining a larger vision alongside a practical understanding of what it takes to get things done.
— Anne Dugan, former Executive & Artistic Director, Duluth Art Institute
I first met Julie when she came to Duluth for a project she was working on in my community. I watched as she tirelessly followed the threads that run through this community to really see us ::: to listen deeper to the complex landscape of our place. I kept hearing from community members about Julie’s persistent, warm, effective outreach. Her work as a connector and bridge-builder was beautiful to watch. If the web of folks that were connected to Julie were mapped it would look like a network of roads spreading across our complex terrain.
— Kathy McTavish, queer composer and new media artist / activist, Duluth
Julie has a deep passion for engaging and supporting communities. Her strengths include a deep understanding of the creative process, the ability to navigate complex organizational structures, and building and fostering partnerships.
— Witt Siasoco, community based designer, artist, and educator, art + design
Julie leads with her ears and her heart and she is attuned to how creativity and social justice change society.
— J. Otis Powell‽, poet, curator, mentor, consultant, performance artist, and community elder