My Values


"Simple Rules" that Guide My Work ...

  1. Advance racial equity. 
  2. Act with integrity, intention, excellence, and accountability.
  3. Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Make it easy. Find the joy. 
  4. Honor elders, mentors, history, and community.
  5. Respect yourself: value your time, trust your inner wisdom, honor your experience and expertise. 
  6. Share freely; the opposite of scarcity is enough. 

Necessary Tools ... 

Curiosity—Listening with an open mind and heart. The most important question is, “why?” 
Passion—Our passion fuels our fire
Courage—Being brave enough to continue when the work is hard, when we feel fear, when we are neither comfortable nor sure
Vulnerability—Befriending our mistakes, our failures, all that we don't know
Accountability—Taking full responsibility for our actions and their impact, regardless of our intent
Care—Care for self, care for others, care for community