My Approach

Organizations, companies, and foundations are more committed than ever to equity, inclusion, and living their values through their work. But often it is difficult to know what to do after the commitment to change has been made and the priority has been set. What do we DO differently to become more equitable and inclusive? 


My Work: Equity as Action 

My work is focused on equity as action. This is not “equity in a box” (or a checkbox). I meet you where you are, and help you connect your values to action in ways that are aligned with your unique needs, goals, values, and purpose. 

My goals are to help you ...

  • Work authentically from your values
  • Create the conditions for transformational change
  • Be a part of dismantling racism through more equitable policy and practice

My Approach: Start Small. Find What Works. Grow From There. 

I address complex challenges one step at a time, implement small changes for immediate impact, and build on what works over time. My process is one of inquiry and collaboration; my priorities are depth, authenticity, impact, and sustainability. 

  • I start by learning about you: Who do you serve? What is the change you are trying to make in the world? What are your goals, your needs, your vision, and values? 
  • I work with you to create a plan that meets your most pressing needs first, always building backwards from vision, values, and impact. 
  • Then, I help you to implement it, so that your to-do list is shorter, rather than longer, as a result of our work.  
  • Together, we can track changes, measure impact, and expand and deepen over time. 

Client Relationship: Collaboration + Partnership

I collaborate and co-create with clients in every step of the process, and I provide partnership, support, and a sense of optimism, joy, and possibility along the way. At the end of a project, it is my goal that you feel proud of what you have already accomplished, and inspired for your next step forward. Because equity is a journey, not a destination. 

Equity is action: the actions we take every day to proactively become more equitable and more inclusive in all stages of our work and activities. Equity is a journey, not a destination; it is an an ongoing process of movement along a continuum, and a daily commitment to taking our next step forward. Key indicators of equity are the ways in which we share power, access, and resources with the people and communities we serve.
— Julie Bates MacGillis Consulting, Adapted from Intermedia Arts equity perspective, 2015,